Diane Phibbs

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Diane Phibbs
Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer
Franchise Update Media

Known as a dynamic and strategic thinker, Diane Phibbs thrives on finding ways to drive revenue and profit. With 30+ years of demonstrated leadership and fiscal performance, Diane’s experience began in restaurant operations and quickly expanded to consumer marketing and eventually franchise sales and lead generation. In 2014, Diane took on a new role as Executive Vice President of Franchise Update Media, a multi-media company specializing in providing valuable information and intelligence to franchisors, franchisees and franchise prospects. Over the past five years, she has built solid program foundations, specializing in tactical planning, program development and implementation that have been proven to generate leads and increase sales. Her broad background supports many unique and well-rounded abilities that are fundamental to the success of Franchise Update Media‚Äôs overall growth and development.

December 6, 2019