MAPP Construction Company

MAPP was formed in 1991, when a talented project manager, Mike Polito, accepted the opportunity to form a commercial construction company.

Armed with solid experience gained through seven years of high-profile construction with three large and progressive general contractors in the Southeast, Mike set out to establish a true alternative to the traditional construction companies. In gathering the talents of some of the most experienced veterans in the region, he also realized the value and energy of youth, seeking out aggressive newcomers who shared his drive and desire for something different. This new MAPP team, encouraged to cultivate individual entrepreneurial spirit, quickly developed its own culture, a strong combination of integrity and professionalism, energized by ingenuity, innovation and an uncommon sense of pride in the purest ideals of building.

MAPP has earned success and recognition with a rapid-fire completion of projects, quickly becoming a highly sought after resource in a competitive and demanding market. As our track record has grown, so has the geographic breadth of clients seeking our expertise and service. To meet their needs, we now staff full-service divisions in Atlanta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Dallas and New Orleans.

Amid this exciting period of company growth, our focus remains the same. It has never been our intention to be a competitive general contractor that merely does good work. We want more. We want to be the best and to be recognized as the best, and to set the standard for how construction companies should operate. Successful projects require the best team you can assemble. We’re confident you’ll find that team with us.