Firestorm® is a national leader in crisis management, vulnerability/threat assessment, risk mitigation and business continuity planning.  Firestorm’s mission is to build strong Disaster Ready People and Disaster Ready Businesses. Firestorm empowers our Franchisees to  achieve this mission through our Franchisee consulting network.  Firestorm’s Predict. Plan. Perform. ® Process leverages next-generation consulting services, tools and software creating resilient organizations.

We live in a period of increasing natural disasters, terrorism and health crises. Firestorm has solved problems ranging from designing continuity and pandemic plans for Fortune 500 companies to providing crisis management support after the Virginia Tech tragedy. Firestorm has developed step-by-step processes, tools, procedures and plans for Franchisees to market to companies and assist these companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. The potential is large. Firestorm brings credibility, references, potential national account opportunities, and a fast-start process to help Franchisees generate immediate sales.